About Us

Milestones & More builds on 40 years of experience from parents and child development experts at Child Care Resource Center, where a team of more than 1,200 dedicated professionals work to strengthen families and communities.

These carefully curated Play Kits complement and support the growth of children at any stage of development from birth to 3 years old, using the research and expertise embedded in the rich history of early learning at CCRC.

Milestones & More is a natural extension of CCRC’s mission to cultivate child, family, and community well-being. Because children all develop in their own unique way, we’re committed to social-emotional development and education of young children through different learning modalities. You will discover a bilingual reading materials in English and Spanish, carefully curated age appropriate toys, and specialized activities designed to support families through this exciting time in their child's life.

All funds raised from Milestones & More Play Kits are invested into the communities we serve. Child Care Resource Center is one of the largest non-profits in Southern California serving 50,000 families a month spanning 22,500 square miles in the Northern Los Angeles and the entirety of San Bernardino County.