6-12 Months

Learn about me!

This is a fun age because your baby is not only showing off their personality and affection but also may be much more involved in play time. This is the time when babies gain more control over their movement and begin interacting with others at a deeper level. While every baby develops in their own special way and at a unique pace, your baby should start adapting better to sleep and feeding routines. They will also move around more and let you know their wants and needs.

From six to nine months, baby...

Transfers objects from one hand to the other

Likes to play more, especially with you

Observes surroundings and expresses interest in them

Babies puts anything and everything in their mouth

As baby grows in size, they are developing their cognitive and motor skills at a fast pace as well as expanding their emotions and social skills. Baby’s curiosity is really beginning to kick in now – make sure to secure internal/external doors and windows, cabinets and toilets! With exploration in high gear, babies at this age put everything in their mouths to get information about texture, shape and taste. Their lips and tongues are very sensitive and many babies begin teething at this age. Watch for baby’s teeth to come in, and anticipate the discomfort that accompanies teeth breaking through the soft, sensitive gums.