24-30 Months

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As your toddler gets older, they are using their growing language skills to tell you what’s on their mind. They are also building friendships with other children and showing affection to familiar adults. Their growing physical skills—walking, running, and climbing—help them explore the world in more adventurous ways. There is wonder in everything your toddler does at this age. So, get ready to explore with them!

From 24 to 30 months, baby…

May be defiant if you tell them “no” or “stop”

Play make believe games

Find hidden objects, even if they’re under, over or behind something

By 18 months

Most children learn to control their bladders by 18 months, which may mean your toddler is ready for toilet training. The process is as much about emotional control as it is physical control. Your child might have the ability to learn but not yet understand why toilet training is important. You can make toilet training fun and not so scary by encouraging your toddler with sticker charts, new underwear or pull ups with their favorite characters.