30-36 Months

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During this stage your toddler, soon to be 3-year-old’s, desire for independence tends to grow. Not all toddlers are ready to go off and do their own thing by 30 to 36 months but most are getting better at leaving their parents to explore on their own. This can be a difficult time for new parents as your little one becomes more independent and begins to explore everything, but exciting all at the same time! Your little one can begin to understand simple time concepts such as present, past and future. Your toddler may say they went to the park “yesterday” or they are going to grandma’s house “tomorrow.” They can also differentiate between a random squiggle, a letter of the alphabet, or a number. You can make learning fun and work on their skills by counting steps on the stairs, reading signs out loud when passing and playing fun memory games. Toddlers at this stage are picking up on a lot of phrases, behaviors, and attitudes displayed by their parents, as well.

From thirty to thirty-six months, toddlers...

Turns the pages of a book one page at a time

May be able to walk on a narrow beam and put one foot in front of the other for a few steps

Takes turns playing games with you and their friends

Your toddler is becoming a big kid

Your toddler is becoming a big kid with physical skills that will continue to amaze you every day! They play tag, kick a ball, or join in dancing with other children and may be able to remove or put on their own clothing and feed themselves at meal time. Many toddlers are able to learn how to ride a tricycle at this age and enjoy cruising around on their own wheels. When playing or completing a task together, let your child take the lead and ask them questions like, “what comes next” or “how do I do it?”