0-6 Months

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In months three to six, babies typically start to show some of their personality and may begin to act more social. Motor skills (movement and coordination of arms and legs) should improve during this stage and many babies become increasingly vocal. While every baby develops at a different pace, your baby should be smiling more often, babbling, and reaching for objects. Your baby is also learning that their actions can cause a reaction – throwing things on the floor and watching you pick them up (over and over again) is something that may cause more than a few giggles. Add an exaggerated funny face and it may result in a big belly laugh.

From three to six months, baby...

Begins to smile at people

Coos and makes gurgling sounds

Holds head up and begins to push up when laying on tummy

Babies cry a lot at this age

Physical activity is important at this age and allowing your baby to spend too much time in car seats, strollers, or cradles may hinder the development of gross and fine motor skills. Let baby lay on the floor and wiggle around. By now, they will be grasping for objects within reach and may scoot or roll over to try and get to them. They are curious about more things around them including hair and jewelry – they will be very interested to feel and taste and see what happens when they pull on things!